Choosing New Pet Food for your growing pet

The moment you decide to take in your furry friend, there are some responsibilities you must adhere to. Feeding is one such responsibility. Your pet can get cranky or exhibit aggressive behaviour by simply being hungry or malnutrition. Your pet is an important family member, which is why they deserve to be treated to posh meals just like us. For your pet to grow active and healthy, you must provide it with the right diet first. It’s no secret that not all pet owners know what’s best for their companion. Here’s a guide on choosing new pet food for your growing pet.

For your canine friends 

Dogs are pretty much like humans. Some eat anything and everything and remain svelte and slim while others pile on the pounds. Knowing exactly what your dog needs is crucial. Here’s what you need to know. These options are packed with nutrition that will go down as a treat with your four-legged friend. 

– Salmon: A great hypoallergenic protein-packed with amino acids. They help in promoting energy and good health.

– Turkey: Turkey isn’t just for the Christmas season, Turkey is for life! Turkey Delight Grain-Free offers a balanced 55% turkey-filled food suitable for dogs.

– Beef Washington: Trade-barked by dogs, Beef Washington provides a blend of Garden Veg, Herbs & Fresh Beef. 

Meowing Heads

Our feline friends can be fussy when it comes to food. But when your cat is kept healthy and happy, it will have no reason ever to use its claws. In the later years of the cat’s life, they will require more understanding and TLC. 

Do regular visits to the vet to keep an eye on their dental health. Meowing Heads are giving you reasons to add inventory of your cat’s fur-vourite products.

For the little cats: 

Like the package suggests, Smitten Kitten by Barking Heads & Meowing heads is particularly formulated to meet all your growing kitten’s wants. It’s a super yummy recipe made from 100% all-natural fish and chicken, using top quality, natural ingredients. 

It’s a complete kitten food that has been approved by the vets, helps in supporting strong bones & teeth, and enhances overall brain development. It comes with a whisker-licking mixture of vegetables and brown rice. There’s no better food for the newest member of your fam.

Senior Moments

This is made for the older, wiser cat. It contains a blend of chicken & salmon with optimal fat and protein levels that aid in joint health. It’s Taurine-Enriched and anti-hairball. Made by humans but approved by cats!

Fat Cat Slim

It’s made explicitly for those larger-than-life and/or indoor cats. This low-fat recipe is formulated with a delicious combination of Chicken and Salmon, using only high-quality natural products and ingredients. This adult cat food is approved by the vets and is suitable for those looking to lose a pound. It’s grain-free, low in calories, and generally has a reduced-fat recipe.

If you’re looking for the best pet food in the UK, then look no further than at Barking Heads for a wide range of pet food. There’s a complete collection for both barking heads and meowing heads products that are jam-packed with goodness made from high-quality natural ingredients.