What Are The 4 Main Benefits Of Peppercorn As A Food Ingredient

Preliminary research indicates that peppercorn or black pepper can benefit a human body in many ways, both known and unknown. If your kitchen includes this spice as a regular ingredient in your everyday food while cooking then you are bound to live a health life. Spices have their own effects on human health and fitness. They can affect not only your bodily functioning, but also your brain process. There are many benefits the users of peppercorn have experienced. Peppercorn or black pepper is heavily used in many cuisines including Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. Check this Fish Ambul Thiyal recipe where tuna fish is cooked in a paste of black pepper and other ingredients. Without black pepper making this dish is impossible.

Let’s take a look at the 4 main benefits of peppercorn as a food ingredient:

1.      It boosts nutrient absorption

The peppercorn compounds are very friendly in nature. They help your body to absorb the necessary compounds from different food compounds. There are essential nutrients such as selenium and calcium that are smoothly retained by your body with the help of peppercorn. The compounds of this spice befriend the necessary compounds of plants and herbs such as turmeric and green tea. This brings a total body balance in terms of nutrient absorption.

2.      It controls cholesterol levels

Peppercorn, as a spice, if added to boiled food and a combination of salad and soups will help you control your cholesterol level. It helps you to cut down on the bad cholesterol that is not at all good for heart. If you can mix few milligrams of peppercorn powder in a beverage and drink it, it can help you get rid of heart inflammation and the increasing cholesterol.

3.      It enhances anti-inflammation

Inflammation gets chronic if not looked after at its growing stage and chronic inflammation leads you straight to a heart disease. The spice called peppercorn is rich in a compound that fights against the growing inflammation and prevents other related heart diseases. There is still a continuous research going on to show its efficacy in this matter.

4.      It increases the food taste

Peppercorn is known as a multi-purpose spice. Either you can sprinkle it in the form of powder on food and salads or mix it in beverages to feel its aromatic effect. It is also used as seasoning for cooked meals including pasta, fish, chicken, omelets and vegetables. Chinese food items taste the best when garnished with coarsely ground peppercorns.