Lebanese food , Healthy and tasty dishes

This centuries-old cuisine is packed with a long list of ancient ,healthy ingredients. One that’s gaining in popularity in the U.S. is freekeh ,a whole-wheat grain that’s low in fat ; high in protein ,fiber ,iron ,calcium ,and zinc ; and known for keeping blood sugar levels in check . Lentils – another staples of Lebanese cuisine.  The latter is used to make hummus ,which can lower cholesterol.

It is no secret that Lebanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines ,if not the best in the world.  The Lebanese food has unique ways of preparation as sometimes the pastries are stuffed with vegetables or the vegetables are stuffed with meat . The Lebanese meal generally starts with mezze and it is combination of salad and nuts . Preparation is of utmost care and the Lebanese foods are very neatly and artistically presented.The traditional Lebanese food is mostly prepared by the stuff like grain ,pulses ,fruits,vegetables,yogurt,cheese ,chickpeas,nuts ,aubergine,burghul,and tomatoes.  Each if the ingredients is used in varied ways and they end up in several mouthwatering Lebanese cuisines .

Names of some popular Lebanese foods are mentioned below :

Hummus ingredients: chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil,cumin,salt and paprika.

Mutabbal ingredients: yogurt, grilled eggplant, tahini and garlic.

Tabbouleh ingredients: oatmeal ,cucumber,tomato,lemon juice,parsley,mint ,olive oil,salt and pepper.

Baba Ghanoush ingredients:grilled eggplant,parsley,tahini and lemon juice.

The most popular Lebanese food :

Kousa bi banadoura :

This food is similar to Turkish dolma and consists of minced meat and spices. Serve it with a soup that is cooked from tomato sauce ,onions and garlic . In some areas of Beirut,thus food is eaten with yogurt.  The exquisite taste of this dish has made it a special favorite among tourists in Beirut.

Shish barak :

This is a local dish from traditional Lebanese dishes that is influenced by Ottoman culture in Lebanon.  It is made up of sour lamb and yogurt. The soup of this dish is a delicious blend of rice and lentils.  You can taste thus dish as a mezze and enjoy its fresh and delicious taste .

Warak enab :

Known as one of the most popular local foods in Lebanon,and it is served at religious celebration.  If you are lucky you can find this dish at Beirut’s local residents and enjoy its wonderful taste . It is not possible to cook thus food all seasons because we need fresh vine leaves.  This dish is made up of rice ,meat ,and spices.  The Lebanese serve this dish with lemon sauce.  The exquisite taste of thus dish has made it popular among Lebanese travel tourists.

Lahm bi ajeen :

This disg has gained a certain reputation as one of Lebanon’s most famous cuisines . The special way of cooking of this dish and its appearance has made it one of the national dishes of Lebanon.  The dish is made from onions,fresh mint and meat .

Another delicious  food :









Kibbeh Naye

The thorough preparation and neat presentation of the Lebanese food make a gastronomic meal . The food of any region spells a lot about the lifestyle and culture of the people and very rule applies to the Lebanese food and they awoke a lot about Lebanon-Society and culture.

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