The Genuine Yogurt: a Must in Your Diet

All of us should eat a balanced and nutritious diet daily that includes a variety of green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals and a cup of yogurt. Yes, a cup of yogurt can do a lot of good to our health and has been an ancient remedy and also a preventive cure for many diseases. Yogurt can for sure do only good for your health and can be easily adapted with any kind of cuisine.

Here is a guide to know the varieties of benefits you gain from just adding yogurt to your diet and making it a regular practice to consume it.

  • Simple Preparation

Yogurt is nothing but curdled milk and can be prepared at home or can also be readily bought from a grocery shop, for example – To prepare yogurt you just have to heat the milk and add a teaspoon of previously curdled yogurt and let it work overnight. This way you get a thick and jelly-like yogurt made at home. However, the packed yogurt is prepared using active live cultures that are nothing but good bacteria that help in the functioning of many-body systems.

  • Yogurt Has Only Benefits

A moderate level of these good bacteria helps in maintaining a good digestive system, improves immunity towards foreign bodies and also fights against bad bacteria that are born to create damage to our body functions. These harmless bacteria balance the yeast level in our body averting many yeast-related infections. 

Many types of research have proves that these good bacteria also rule out all the risks of developing a urinary infection. Regular intake of yogurt can keep many ailments at bay maintaining the appropriate bacterial level and a good alternative for those who are allergic to products that have lactose in them.

Curd is made from a diary and thus is rich in calcium content. A balanced level of calcium can prevent bone density loss as well as osteoporosis and improves the strength of bones, teeth and also help one shed their extra pounds by staying healthy.

Protein-rich foods facilitate a better condition for our body systems to function and also provide adequate energy for one to carry on with their daily routine. Curd is also loaded with such proteins that help you to have control over your appetite as it can make you feel full for a long time. Yogurt can also treat many conditions like heartburn, especially during pregnancy, which can also be a good supplement of calcium and other nutrients.

  • How To Add It To Your Diet

Curd can be added to your regular diet in the form of dessert or drinks. It is simple, just put some fruit, berries, granola, nuts or chocolate in your yogurt and here your dessert is ready. 

Curd can also be an alternative for milk in many recipes like pancakes, waffles and pumpkin pie. You can just add some sugar and whip the yogurt, with ice if required, to pamper yourself with a sweet drink.

If you prefer getting those readily available yogurts, try the organic ones that have low sugar and that contain no trans fat. You can also try the low-fat or no-fat types of yogurt available in the market. Ensure that the percentage of active culture is high and it is been prepared from pasteurized milk or cream because pasteurizing the curdled milk will kill the active culture and you will not benefit from it.

To sum up, yogurt is the best natural therapy to heal many profound and mild diseases and have the property to cool down the stomach. A cup of yogurt in your diet will do only good and no harm to your health.