Smoking seasonings: Do you know which one suits each meat best?

Have you ever wondered in your kitchen which seasonings fall best with each meat? Seasonings are essential elements to give more flavor and juiciness to the meat and always reminds us of the chef’s special little secret. Many do not even reveal the secret spice used to enhance the flavor of the recipe. But in this post we will reveal all the secrets for those who want to learn how to season smoked meats at home!

The first advice of the great chefs of international gastronomy is that the cook put aside any other industrialized seasoning and always prioritize natural condiments. This is because, besides having the seal of guarantee of a healthier and more natural dish, they also give the taste of smoked meat an unmistakable touch. This is the purpose of smoking seasonings: to provide more softness and flavor, resulting in a good surprise to our taste buds.

When thinking of barbecue the first seasoning option we consider is the famous salt, but when we talk about smoked meats we must exercise caution when using this seasoning as it can hide the true flavor of the meats.

Then you can innovate by following other options and spice combinations.

With that in mind, we’ve put together chef-worthy tips for preparing seasoning for smoked meats.

What are the best smoking spices?

In addition to the more traditional salt, onion, garlic, chives, vinegar and pepper, there are several seasoning options present in our cuisine that combine with beef, pork, chicken and even lamb. These are spices that will help you to accentuate the flavor and soften the meat. Keep in mind that each meat has its own seasoning. So you don’t miss or miss the point of meat flavor, we will help you choose the seasoning for smoking.

How to choose seasonings for smoking?

As important as the method of preparation, the choice of seasonings is an important stage of preparation. With so many varieties on the market, it is essential to know well the flavor of each condiment and which type of meat each seasoning is best for. To help you check out the most recommended fine herbs for seasoning meats that will be smoked.

The ideal herbs for seasoning smoked meats

Knowing the finest herbs for smoking meats is essential, as some dishes work very well, others can leave the meat with bitter taste and ruin recipes. Our tip is that you smell the spice before you use it, if you feel the aroma is very faint or the spice is not fresh, it is a sign that the spice is old and should be discarded.

In general, dry seasonings last for months. Get to know the seasonings most used by chefs and work super well for smoking meats.


Similar to rosemary, coriander has a very strong flavor and should be used with great caution. This type of herb is ideal for seasoning fish and any kind of seafood, as it brings more freshness to food.


This spice is already traditional in our beans every day. And for this reason it is very versatile, it goes well with almost everything like broths, vegetables, roasts, sautéed meat, tomato sauces.


The twigs of this herb are delicate and thin, ideal for seasoning strong-flavored meats such as pork and red meat. Thyme can also be used to garnish the dish.

How to season each type of meat

Knowing how to innovate in spices is synonymous with knowing how to experiment! Only from this understanding will you be able to make combinations that work well as smoked meat seasonings.

To get a taste of “I want more”, we separated the three main proteins and the spice suggestions.

Red meat

For red meat, depending on how you will prepare it, there are a multitude of seasonings available. But there is only one that marks the taste of meat. We’re talking about chimichurri, a combination of pepperoni, vinegar, lemon, olive oil, parsley and oregano.


The best seasonings that go well with poultry are: granulated garlic, onions, chives, chimichurri, cumin, pepperoni, chilli pepper, parsley and paprika.


With fish meat is already a little different, because it does not need much to make the meat tasty and tender. The steak and the whole piece should be seasoned internally as well. The spices that match smoked seafood are: basil, rosemary, sage, marjoram, bay leaf, savory and thyme.

If you want to surprise your guests, there are other equally provocative and original spices. Garlic, for example, can be a great choice for seasoning a good piece of rump steak. Our tip is when smoking the meat, enjoy and put some asparagus in the smoker. Ready to smoke?