Pregnancy and the Right Kind of Kit You Can Try

Do you think you are pregnant? To be sure, you can go buy a pregnancy test in pharmacies or in supermarkets. When should it be used? What are the risks of false positive and negative? More than two million urine pregnancy tests are sold each year in pharmacies or in supermarkets. Thanks to the dosage of a specific pregnancy hormone, beta-HCG, these self-diagnostic products allow a reliable response of almost 99%. They can be used from the first day of missed periods or even three days before for the best performers. Now that you can buy the pregnancy test kits with iherb 優惠碼 coupons, the options are easier for you. The discount is huge and you can make use of all of it now.

Who is the pregnancy test for?

To any woman wishing to know if she is pregnant.

How does the pregnancy test work?

From the presumed day of menstruation or even three days before, pregnancy tests sold in pharmacies or in supermarkets detect the presence in the urine of the hormone b-HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) , secreted by the egg and then by the placenta. Fertilization is accompanied by the secretion of this hormone, which increases during pregnancy.

Placed in the presence of urine, the test changes color. Their reliability is now 99% provided that the precautions for use have been observed. It is for example recommended to carry out the pregnancy test with the first urines of the morning, more concentrated. Of course, you can also do it at another time of the day but avoid drinking too much so as not to dilute the beta-HCG level.

When can I get a pregnancy test?

It is therefore necessary to wait for the first day of delay of the rules, or even a little before with the early tests (less reliable nevertheless).

How do you use a pregnancy test?

It is usually enough to place the tester in a urine bottle or place it under the urine stream and read the answer after five minutes. Coloration indicates a certain level of b-HCG, which indicates a beginning pregnancy.

How often is a pregnancy test used?

The test is for single use only.

What are the different sensitivity thresholds for pregnancy tests?

Can you buy pregnancy tests in supermarkets?

Yes, you can buy pregnancy tests in supermarkets. The tests sold there are as effective as those you will find in pharmacies. The only difference is that you will have in the pharmacy advice adapted by a health professional.

Can you buy pregnancy tests on the Internet?

If you decide to buy pregnancy tests on the Internet, make sure that these products meet European standards. Some of these tests fear temperature differences, so you have to be sure of the shipping methods.

Are pregnancy tests reimbursed?

No unfortunately, urine tests are not reimbursed by Social Security, unlike blood tests.

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