Make Your Michele’s Granola The Healthiest Cereal Now!

There is nothing like a bowl of crunchy, sweet, and healthy cereal to start the day right. This wholesome breakfast option is loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other important nutrients. But while it’s one of the healthiest cereals you can eat, most of the granolas are not healthy enough. Read on to learn about the tips to make your granola the healthiest cereal you can eat.

Add Some Eggs to Make it More Nutritious

You might think that granola is super healthy on its own, but it’s quite easy to make it even healthier. All you need to do is add some eggs to your bowl of cereal. Granola has a pretty high protein content, but eggs will boost it even further.

This wholesome breakfast is a great way to start the day with a protein-rich meal. And research has shown that eating more protein for breakfast may help you stay fuller for longer and manage your weight better.

Choose Healthy Oils When Toasting Your Oats

Many granola recipes call for the oats to be toasted in oil before baking, baking, or frying. Although some granola recipes suggest using vegetable oil, you can do better. Safflower oil, for example, has less than half the amount of saturated fat as canola oil.

Plus, it has no trans fats and is rich in omega-9 fatty acids, making it a healthier choice than many other oils. Since granola is a baked, not fried, breakfast food, you’ll want to choose an oil that can withstand high heat without turning toxic.

Bake It, Don’t Fry It

Frying your oats in oil before baking them to make granola is a great way to boost flavor, but it’s not the best for nutrition. Using a healthier oil will reduce the amount of saturated fat in your granola, but frying also reduces its vitamin content. 

That’s because heat causes vitamins to break down, which means frying your oats will reduce their vitamin content. Baking, on the other hand, is a gentler process that keeps the vitamins intact.

Go Nuts and Berries

Nuts and berries are two delicious additions that will make your granola even more nutritious. Nuts are a healthy source of protein, fat, fiber, and other nutrients. Plus, they’re really tasty and make granola even more enjoyable. Berries are a healthy and delicious addition that provides your granola with antioxidants and flavonoids.

Use Dark Chocolate Instead of Milk Chocolate

Besides adding some berries and nuts to your granola, you can switch out some of the sugar for cocoa powder to make it even healthier. This swap makes your granola less sweet and more chocolaty. It’s a healthier choice than milk chocolate, which often contains a lot more sugar than cocoa.

Granola isn’t something you should eat every day, but it can be a healthy and delicious treat every now and then. And if you use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, your granola will be even healthier.

Swap the Sugar for Honey

Lastly, sugar is a major source of calories in granola, and many people eat it for breakfast. Granola is a healthier choice than many other breakfast foods, but if you swap the sugar for honey, it will become even healthier. If you want to try this out, buy your granola now at