How To Make Sure Your 2-Year-Old Gets All Nutrients?

A two-year-old should eat three meals a day and one or two snacks. This will provide them with the required energy to stayactive throughout the day. But, we all know how difficult it is to make toddlers eat, especially the picky ones. Feeding children the same food as adults by sitting with them is a good way to make them eat. 

  • Unsafe foods

Two-year-olds are still at an age where they cannot eat all kinds of food items. They are still learning to chew.Food itemssuch as nuts, popcorn, chunks of raw carrot or celery, marshmallows, whole grapes, seeds, large portions of food in a single bite, etc. could end up choking up the children if they try to gobble up the food. 

  • Adopt healthy food habits

Adopting healthy food habits and having fixed meal times will result in your kid getting a sufficient amount of nutrients necessary for their growth. Mealtimes are not battles and do not turn them into one. Fixing a standard portion of food would not work, as children tend to eat only as much as they want. 

Milk is still an important part of children’sdiet. Select the best health drink for kids available in the market to supplement for the nutrients they miss in their food. Children like certain foods and would want to eat only those. Forcing them to eat something they don’t like is not advisable. Offer them a choice and slowly make them get used to eating food items. Keep finger food handy, as children tend to pick those more than regular food. 

  • Food for picky eaters

Making sure a picky eater gets the right amount of nutrients can be an exhausting task. Divide their diet into different food groups and try to include those during meal times or snack time. 

  • Meat, fish, eggs, and chicken: Pick an item your child loves the most. Gradually include the other items and replace his/ her favorite ones.
  • Dairy products: Milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter provide children with essential vitamins. If your child does not prefer milk, Use the best baby milk powder in Indiato make milk interesting and tasty. 
  • Fruits and vegetables: No matter how much kids dislike the greens;there will be some fruits and vegetables they like. Make sure your kids have at least one fruit every day. Seasonal fruits are colorful and flavorful. Share fruit with them to make them try it. 
  • Rice, Cereals, Potatoes, Flour-based products: Oatmeal, crackers, pasta, baked potatoes, etc. provide children with the carbohydrates to stay active.


However, if your child does not eat most of the above-mentioned items, or if they are not exposed to sunlight, then it is advised to discuss this with your child’s physician about the solution for the same.