What To Know About Potato Festival

We love potatoes; that much is clear. There are several potatoes nutrition that keeps us healthy, and the fact that we can make potatoes in a variety of ways makes it even more exciting. To celebrate this awesome and essential crop, potato festivals are held around the country and are filled with a weekend of fun, deliciously fried, baked, and cooked potatoes. In addition to a potato-filled menu are several competitions, loud music and dancing all to make sure you have a good time.

The potatoes festival is always held to celebrate the harvest of sweet potatoes and is a way to pay homage to this vegetal, which doesn’t seem like much but is filled with many nutrients that are valuable to our system. Potatoes festivals are usually anticipated in different locations and give your taste buds something to remember all through the weekend. Some of the popular potatoes festivals are listed out below:

Alliston Festival

Alliston Festival is a famous potato festival in Toronto and is packed full of fun; this festival always starts out with a parade through Victoria Street and is followed with many more fun activities through the weekend. It is a street festival that is used to give back to the community by supporting charity organizations, local businesses without forgetting the memorable experiences. Some fun activities you can look forward to during the Alliston festival include poker competition, Miss tater tots, and several more, not to forgets a menu filled with delicacies that offers you the full potatoes nutrition.

North Carolina Potato Festival

Autumn usually comes with a lot of celebration in North Carolina; they celebrate the glory of this tasty vegetable by holding a festival that combines fun with good food. This festival began way back in 1940 and was held as a tribute to local farmers around the community. However, this festival lasts throughout the weekend and is packed full of tasty potato dishes and many other entertaining activities. This weekend comes with live music offered by national and regional farmers, vendors, beauty contests, potato peeling competition, cornhole competition, and many more.

Lower Richland Potato Festival

Another place with a potato festival in the town of Hopkins, and they usually hold this festival in the Spring to celebrate potatoes nutrition. The event usually features a magic show, dancing competition, talent show, and good food. You can bet on ice cream being available at the festival and a baking competition where a winner is crowned at the end of the festival.