Viili Yohgurt – Health Benefits

Viili Yogurt is a yogurt type growing in popularity every day! Viili yogurt is a rich source of probiotics, however it is refreshingly mild compared to kefir, making it much more enjoyable for consumers. Viili yoghurt is delicious and great for us, boasting multiple health benefits, some of which we are going to list today! Keep on reading if you want to discover more information regarding the miracle yogurt…

How is Viili Yogurt Made?

Viili yogurt is actually incredibly easy to make, and for this reason people do not only regularly purchase viili yogurt from stores but also choose to make their own in the comfort of their own homes. Viili yogurt is a room temperature yogurt which generally ferments milk within 8-12 hours at room temperature.

What Exactly is Viili Yogurt?

Viili yogurt contains EPS which makes its texture so stringy and slimy. This EPS brings many health benefits to consumers. Viili yogurt has a high probiotic count – Viili starters tested found that lactococcal bacteria ranged from 7.82 to 8.32 cfu/mL, averaging around 100 milllion cfu per ml or gram. These levels are not quite as high as those found in kombucha and kefir but are still very high considering hoe mild and delicious the yogurt is.

Viili Yougurt Health Benefits

Viili yogurt has been found to offer many wonderful health benefits to consumers, and this is the No1 reason why the food product is growing in popularity each day! These health benefits include but are not limited to the following:

Viili can lower cholesterol – Studies have been conducted proving that viili holds the ability to lower the cholesterol of consumers, making the yogurt product a perfect choice for those currently with high cholesterol.

Viili can inhibit cancer – Studies have shown that viili yogurt, in particular its main strain (Lactococcus Lacrix ssp. Cremoris) demonstrate anti-tumour capabilities. Many times it has veen proven that viili can significantly suppress the growth of cancerous and other types of tumours.

Viili stimulates and modulates immune function – Studies have shown viili yogurt to increase mitogenic activity with B0cells, cells that are part of the immune typically associated with anti-bodies.

Viili is very nutritional – Viili yogurt is high nutritional containing biotin, folate, bio-active peptides, beneficial acids, important V and K vitamins and more!

Luckily for all there are now companies available that sell both ready-to-consume viili yogurt and viili yogurt making kits so that people can make their own healthy yogurts in the comfort of their own homes. One of these companies is Happy Kombucha, a company renowned throughout the health industry for offering a fabulous range of probiotics at all times, including but not limited to viili yogurts, kombucha and kefir!