Two Common Types Of Coffee Roasters

If you plan to roast coffee beans for your café, you must have a proper and reliable roaster. You typically won’t get very good results without the right roaster. While it is possible to roast your coffee beans in a skillet, in an oven or in a popcorn popper, you won’t be able to roast large enough batches to sustain your customers’ needs. However, if you take coffee bean roasting seriously, you should have a dedicated roaster to get the best possible results.

There are two types of coffee roaster that you can find:

Fluid Bed Air Roaster- if you want to roast your own coffee beans, a fluid bed air roaster should be the first thing to check out. These roasters are compact and are suitable for café use. Fluid bed air roasters should help you to roast beans with minimal fuss and fairly quickly. You can check the progress of the roasting process, so you can control it better. Fluid bed air roasters can even give you pre-set roasts. If you are new to roasting, it will be simple to choose the most ideal roast setting for your beans. As you gain more experience, it is possible to improve the whole process along the way. A fluid bed air roaster is a good machine for beginner and you can upgrade it to a more complex and bigger roaster later. Most home roasters use this type of coffee bean roaster when refilling their compostable coffee pods.

Drum Roaster- if fluid bed air roaster doesn’t give you enough options, then a drum roaster is a potentially good alternative. Drum roasters are usually found in larger coffee shops and they can roast more beans compared to the fluid bed air model. They work based on the conduction or convection method. When using a drum roaster, you need to put beans inside the drum and close it up. You can set it up to run until you get the proper roasting results. Drum roasters don’t have a window to allow you to check the condition of the beans. So, you need to rely on smell, hearing and experience to know whether the roast is done. Drum roasters may also give off plenty of smoke, so make sure that the area is well ventilated. The coffee typically found in compostable coffee pods and organic coffee capsules are roasted in a drum roaster.

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