The Top 5 Qualities That Make a Great Food Shop


You might think that there isn’t much to consider when it comes to food shops. After all, every good shop has delicious food, right? But what makes a great food shop? There are plenty of food shops in North Wales and across the country, which creates a lot of competition. If you want your business to be wildly successful, focus on these five qualities that make up a great and popular food shop.

1) Comfortable Furniture

You need to be comfortable in your shop. If you don’t have comfortable chairs and tables, then why would people want to stay? The setting is important when it comes to eating and people look for a relaxing environment, like an independent food shop with comfortable seating. There should also be something on display that reflects what it is you do; if you are selling local produce and wine, then have local produce and wine on display.

2) Delicious Treats

A great food shop has delicious treats that people can’t get enough of. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, if it’s popular and delicious, you have a winning recipe for success. Focus on what makes your deli special—make sure everything is bursting with flavor and not too unhealthy, but remember to be generous! The best shops don’t skimp on portions. If you want customers to come back again and again, make sure they leave feeling satisfied.

3) Popular Menu Items

Deli/Delicatessen food shops have to have popular menu items. The same is true for any type of local food shop, and it can apply to burgers as well as ethnic cuisine. You don’t necessarily have to sell these types of foods—but make sure your menu is enticing and offers dishes that will appeal to your target audience. For example, if you’re opening an Italian restaurant in an area with lots of Italian restaurants, you need to do something special or different in order to get noticed. Same goes for burgers; everyone has them on their menus, so think about how you can add new ingredients or sauces that will set yours apart from everyone else’s.

4) Cute Atmosphere

A warm and inviting atmosphere is one of many things that makes a food shop great. Think about some of your favorite restaurants; if they didn’t have cute decorations or lighting, you might not have gone there in the first place. So, think about what makes a great atmosphere; does it feel clean and airy? Does it smell like baked goods? Does it feel homey or foreign? It’s up to you!

5) Parking

Parking is one of those things people rarely consider, but an inability to find adequate parking can make going out to eat less convenient. Local food shops tend to have limited parking, but if it’s available, it won’t be necessary—many customers will walk several blocks for good food. If you’re choosing between two local shops that have similar menus, choose the one with better parking.