Olympia Coffee Announces New Seattle Flagship Cafe

Olympia Coffee is growing worldwide, after just about a year of launching their new cafe ‘Tacoma Cafe’. They are ready for a brand new café, the ground breaking of the new café will be in Seattle. Co-owners Oliver Stormshak and Sam Schroeder announce that they will be opening a café in the Columbia City neighborhood. The café is 1,750-square-foot and would serve as their Seattle flagship. To get the latest coffee maker information visit Espresso Gurus. 

This would be their second café in Seattle and third location outside Olympia. The café will be located in the historic 1920’s building at the corner of Edmunds and Rainier. Apart from the café, the building consists of a training facility and a community room. The Co-owners Stomshak and Schroeder are optimistic to add to the Columbia City Landmark District’s “Main Street vibe”. The street contains an old theatre, a bakery, a number of ice cream shops and pizza restaurants. Further, there are independent retailers, restaurants, and bars.

According to Stormshak, the cafe will include the menu and bar flow of the previous cafe in Seattle. However, additions to the menu are being discussed. 

The new Olympia outpost is still in progress and the construction work is expected to finish quickly. The place where Olympia is now building its cafe was a coffee shop once. The good thing is that being a coffee shop once, this place already has the necessary plumbing and electrical already in place, decreasing the overall construction timeline. The process of getting the permits is still in the works, and as soon as they are acquired, the owners expect it the work to be finalized within four months. 

At the moment, the Columbia City cafe project is in the progress mode and initial stages. Follow Olympia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates regarding the progress of launching.

The Olympia Coffee Seattle flagship is located at 4824 Rainier Ave S., Seattle, Washington 98118.

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