Interested In Eating Thai Food – Your Tips For Enjoying Bes Thai Foods

Thai food is all about recipes and taste. Thai cuisines include a lot of meat, chicken, coconut and other fruits. Some dishes are prepared using all these food ingredients in the same dish. There will also be many occasions when you should actually enjoying this type of food.

Traditions in local Thai dinings

In Thai culture, food is considered as one of the most important traditions. When eating for the first time in a restaurant, you can easily get confused looking at the menu. Everything ranging from order placement to eating is considered an art of tradition.

The process of ordering food ill it has been served at the table is considered as a traditional event. When enjoying eating local Thai food similar pattern of culture and traditions are maintained. so, to enjoy your best Thai traditions and culture, you have to learn a lot about its traditions.

How is Thai local food divided?

In general, Food in Thailand is traditionally divided into three basic parts of categories.

  • Appetizer – This is also termed as the starter course for all types of Thai dishes and recipes.
  • Entrée- This refers to the man course n most of the cultures and traditions.
  • Dessert – This is usually the ending course for any selected Thai cuisine and includes a lot of sweets and ice creams

Food types as categorized by Thai culture

The moment you step inside any local Thai restaurant, you will discover that the main food is usually divided into four basic variants or categories. 

  • Wet food – This type of Thai recipe includes all types of wet foods like local curry and soups. People of Thailand usually eat a lot of curry and soups as an appetizer.
  • Dry food – This is the category of food that includes a lot of dry and stirred food. This type of food item is generally served to eat on the plate.
  • Yum food – This type of food item in Thai culture includes all types of salads that can be enjoyed by the people along with the dry food and soup.
  • Spice food – This type of food is one that is a lot of spicy and as per Thai traditions at least one of the food items from the menu should have a lot of spice.

Meals and platters

People of Thailand will always ensure that their food has been shared amongst their groups. So when ordering food, usually one single order is placed for everyone to share. Even if you are enjoying your food with others, you have to share it with others as well.

You need to keep in mind that Thai food can best be enjoyed in your group.