I Love Scissors Cut Curry Rice Singapore Dishes

Just recently I keep having yearning for scissors cut curry rice Singapore dishes. If you think of this as any regular white rice with curry sauce on top, you are really incorrect. The starched and also gluey curry of Scissor-Cut Curry Rice is so amazing that many people throng from all edges of Singapore to savour this one-of-a-kind and also distinctive taste. Not Indian, not Japanese as well as not the common Chinese variety. The curry is spicy-sweet and very satisfying. I can have lots of rice simply with the curry and I am not joking, yet I exercise restriction. When age grows, I can not eat like a young adult!

The curry is amazing

If thick, starched curry gravy and cooked sauce fit your hunger, you definitely do not wish to give Scissor Cut Curry Rice a miss. The dishes across the food selection are fairly great with in my point of view, with some taken into consideration a lot more remarkable than others, such as the pork chop, cabbage and braised pork tummy. Fee smart it’s really reasonable provided the high quality and taste that the store supplies. Consider this your next popular dinner venue given that it shuts right in the late hours daily. Though Scissor Cut Curry Rice has been around in Singapore’s hawker landscape for the last couple of decades I can’t help yet to believe that the criteria have gone down quite a bit over the years. The foods itself are primarily either lukewarm and also chilly in many cases and also typically it’s the curry gravy that aids to hot points up a little. Nevertheless, if you come at the moment when the curry sauce isn’t completely hot enough before it is being dumped over the rice, you won’t be able to experience the complete “shiokness” of Scissor Cut Curry Rice so do request extra hot curry sauce is readily available! Ready to line up for the food?

Paired with pork

This sinful yet tempting pork stomach is just one of the stall’s most prominent orders. Cut from an entire bit of pork tummy making use of the trademark scissors before pouring the braised gravy over. Absolutely not the healthiest food around but I make sure you would capitulate!

Be prepared to wait

The shop draws in long lines up at different times of the day. However there suffices seats as they have a shophouse next door to cater to added seating capability. Really this curry rice taste equally as great consumed as a takeaway. I will certainly ask to drown my rice with more sauce as I’m the type who likes my rice damp with gravy.

I highly recommend having a try of this traditional taste. Regarding I bear in mind, this shop never ever let down and also taste equally as good as some two decades earlier.