Fresh Cattle Meat: High-Quality Dried Beef 

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Everyone is busy with that special holiday to come, foods are prepared and served. Various recipes are served on the table with all the family members celebrating the Christmas season. Various cuisines will create a beautiful atmosphere on the table, making everyone feels excited. Who wouldn’t be convinced not to eat a variety of dishes with the whole family? Foods become the trademark of the Christmas season. Everyone is preparing for the celebration to come. 


As Christmas approaches, many wonder what good food to put on the table. Not everyone likes chicken or pork. Therefore, others prepare a beef meal; jerky and biltong. Why not include beef for the Noche Buena food preparation?

High-quality variety of beef

For many reasons, cattle meat turned into one of the best-selling meat in the market. Of course, it must be approved by the Food and Drugs Association before released in the market. But, some of them are not fresh meats. Processed meats such as jerky and biltong are still in its high-demand that make them best-selling due to the quality. These processed meats are plain and salted dried meat, which is perfect to be added to the recipe to taste. 


    • Jerky is a dried and salted meat, lean trimmed meat cut into strips, to prevent spoilage. So, if you bought a kilo of jerky, you can have the assurance that it would not spoil even a month. As long as you keep it in the proper place and temperature. So, this dried and salted meat has this salty taste or flavor.
  • Biltong is another form of dried meat, a cured meat from beef, ostrich, or kudu. So, you could not have beef alone. There are various choices of meats. But, beef is one of the best biltong, which is the top preference, especially in the place where it was originated.

High-quality dried beef

You may include these dried meats in the Christmas food preparation. Beef doesn’t have a shaky feeling. Instead, once you have tasted it, you will come back and take another pick. Not to taste, but to pick enough to eat as a meal. High-quality beef is offered online. Place your order online or visit the physical store to see the actual dried meat. The high-quality dried meats are spiced up to create a different taste. You will have different kinds of dried meats, such as:


  • Salty dried beef
  • Spicy dried meat
  • Plain dried beef, and more


So, if you are a beef lover, it is time for you to have a taste of this version of processed meat. The processed meats are naturally dried and salted beef without added preservatives. So, you are confident that these dried beef are specially made and handcrafted.