5 Popular Types of Cheese for Gourmet RecipesĀ 

When it comes to dairy products, cheese is on the top of the list along with milk. It is a versatile ingredient in multiple gourmet recipes for a good reason. There are different types available. Each one smells and tastes unique. If you just started using cheese and need some details about the best options in the market, this article is for you. It contains details about the top five types of cheese for gourmet recipes. 

Choose Cheese for Gourmet 

From Brie to Manchego, the list below details the top cheese types for your delicious recipes. 

Try Sweet Brie Cheese 

This is one of the best cheeses from France. It is a creamy, soft cheese derived from cow milk. Brie cheese has a similar consistency and texture as butter but a completely different taste. This white rind is ideal for different types of gourmet. If you want the cheesy consistency with a sweet taste, brie cheese should be your first pick. Also, you can eat it with crunchy chips or fruits. 

Soft and Hard Gouda Cheese 

To enjoy a balance between hard and soft cheese, Gouda is an excellent option. The cheese is a staple in the Netherlands and is added to many traditional dishes. It has a smooth texture and crunchy feel when you bite it raw. Apart from using it for gourmet, it is an excellent addition to cheese platters. Also, you can add it to easy-prep meals like sandwiches and burgers.

Get a Taste of the Nutty Manchego Cheese 

You don’t need to visit Spain to get a taste of Manchego. This rich-tasting cheese is both sweet and nutty. Unlike many other cheeses made from cow milk, Manchego is made from sheep milk. You can grate it into a gourmet pizza, pasta, or any dish you want. It also makes it a delicious snack. Manchego adds an extra flavor to any dish you want.

Enjoy the Delicious Mozzarella Cheese 

Another popular Italian cheese is mozzarella. While it is a standard option in many Italian dishes, mozzarella has become a global sensation. Its solid form looks like butter, but when it’s melted, it seems like condensed milk. Mozzarella is excellent for sticking other foods together, which explains why it is a must-have in cheese. The cheese has a rich and delicious flavor that stands out in every meal.

Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese 

Every Italian cook knows the value of parmigiano-reggiano. In most cases, the cheese is made from milk, but it has to be unpasteurized. This means the milk must be in its raw form with no processing. It is a delicious creamy cheese with a brittle texture. The 12-month aging process gives the cheese a nutty flavor that makes it perfect as a sauce for pasta or rice.  
So many gourmet recipes include cheese because it is a delicious condiment that makes several foods look and taste better. Consider buying high-quality cheese to get the best flavor and cheesy consistency. You can find common options at a grocery store but may need to browse through online stores for rarer types of cheese.