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White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

The white rice vs brown rice debate has been going on for many years now. The discussion usually circles around which rice has more nutritional benefits, which has better taste and whether white rice good for you or not. Maybe you have had this debate with family and friends. In any case, especially if you are a rice eater, it would be helpful to know which of these two kinds of rice is better to be served during your meals and the purpose they serve.

It should be noted that 3 billion people across the world rely on rice as the main staple food and a majority of them eat white rice. So on a planet that has roughly 6 billion people, if we were to take and break the white rice vs brown rice debate down to which is most eaten, white rice would win out in a land slide, as the other 3+ billion of us on this planet do not eat rice during any meal each day. For the rest, rice could be just a side dish for dinner, or maybe the whole meal only for lunch. It is hardly served at 2 meals a day and probably the only time it might be served for breakfast is when people have no eggs to fix with their toast and jam or they do not have leftovers from the night before that they can just easily shove into the microwave.

The nutritional benefits emerge in any discussion about white rice vs brown rice. According to a recent study at Harvard, they have determined that if you replace your white rice with brown rice, you might lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 16%. Also, brown rice is a great source of dietary fiber and it has a lower glycemic index. Basically, this affects the amount of carbs in your blood sugar, which is less compared to eating white race. Not only that but brown rice is a great source of many vitamins and minerals that our bodies need on a daily basis. Most people who know how to cook rice will not like the texture nor the taste of brown rice, but in the debate of which has the most nutritional benefits, brown rice wins hands down.

In the white rice vs brown rice debate, often times people have differing opinions on how to cook the rice and what is the best way to cook healthy rice. Well as it has been established that brown rice is the healthier one of the two types of rice, you should know the best way to cook brown rice if you’re looking for a healthy rice dish. There are many different ways to cook your brown rice and still keep it healthy and flavorful. Some will cook it in vegetable stock, while others will cook it over a stove without water. In the second option, one would just wait until the rice pops and then simply add boiling water and seasonings letting the mixture simmer for about 40 minutes. Others like to use seasonings they get from their local Asian market.

As you can see, the results for white rice vs brown rice vary on the individual’s preferences, like what type of food he enjoys or maybe what his dietary needs are. All in all, rice is a great food serving and when cooked properly, it is a welcomed dish at any table be it white or brown.  As Michael Jackson would say, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white!”  Happy Cooking!

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