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Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp fried rice is a great dish to cook on those days when you are looking for a fast way to utilize leftover rice. To make a perfect Chinese shrimp fried rice, you need to cook the rice at least a day ahead and let it sit in the refrigerator so that it can dry out. When you fry it, the heat from the pan and the seasoning will rehydrate and re steam it. If you are going to use newly cooked rice, you will have a dish that has too much moisture in it, which will turn into a heavy mess inside your frying pan.

It is vital that you use high heat when you are cooking shrimp fried rice. However, it does not mean that you have to cook in a gas stove that turns out very high BTU. All you have to do is to exercise some patience in heating the frying pan to the right temperature when learning how to cook rice. High heat will guarantee that all ingredients that you put in the frying pan will fry quickly and every rice grain you mix in will get hot to its core.

The common mistake people make in cooking fried shrimp and rice is to prod, flip, turn and poke constantly. In commercial kitchens such as those used in restaurants, stoves are so hot that the cooks have to constantly move things. However, in private kitchens, stoves need more time to turn out enough heat, to do their job and to cook the food for us. If you keep on moving the rice constantly, you will break the grains and liberate more starch. This will make your shrimp fried rice goopy. The best course of action is to spread the rice on the entire surface of the frying pan and leave it there. Back away for a minute to let the rice heat up. You should then toss, flip and sort out the rice, spreading it out again and leaving it there again to cook. This will ensure that all the rice is really cooked.

Fry the shrimp fried rice ingredients separately. There are many different ingredients that should be included in the dish, although in many homes, they are whatever vegetables, seafood or meats that can be found inside the refrigerator. However, no matter what kind of ingredients you include in your fried rice, you should make sure that each could be tasted individually. To accomplish this, you need to fry the seafood or meat first, if you are going to mix them with your fried rice. When around eighty percent cooked, remove them from the frying pan and set aside. You will toss them back into the frying pan together with the other ingredients when the fried rice is almost cooked. This will finish cooking the meat and other ingredients you will mix with the rice. If you are going to mix all the ingredients and fry them at the same time, they will compete for the heat in the frying pan and everything in your shrimp fried rice will taste the same.

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