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Pork Fried Rice

Pork fried rice will taste best if you are going to use rice that has been previously cooked, just like other fried rice recipes. Since most countries in Asia consume rice as part of the regular diet, fried rice has become a common Asian cuisine. Frying rice is the most practical way of using leftover rice, which is usually fried in oil with onion, garlic and other ingredients, depending on the style of cooking. There are even spicy fried rice recipes that are as delicious. However, no matter what kind of fried rice you prepare, remember that the key to a great tasting dish is the right kind of rice. Rice that is very sticky, for instance, would not be good for frying since they stick together instead of spreading apart, and you will find it hard to mix all of the ingredients, especially if you’re just learning how to make rice.

To make fried rice easily, put the rice inside the refrigerator overnight. This will help in breaking the rice without difficulty. If you are in a hurry, at least allow the rice to cool down before frying it. There are endless combinations that you could try but one of the best is pork fried rice. It is a very simple recipe but one that has enough ingredients to make it very delicious.

For simple homemade pork fried rice, you will need 400 grams of fillet pork, 4 cups cooked rice, a tablespoon of vinegar, 4 eggs beaten lightly, 1/3 cup cooking oil and finely diced red onion. You will also need a tablespoon of ginger that is diced finely, 2 teaspoons of white sugar, 2-tablespoon soy sauce, 2/3 cup spring onions or scallions that are sliced finely and hoisin sauce.

With the use of a sharp knife, cut the pork fillets into a fourth of an inch slices then cut these into ¼-inch strips. Set aside. Heat a wok and then put half of the cooking oil in it. Wait until it looks like it is shimmering slightly. Pour the lightly beaten eggs, cook it for around ten seconds, and then fold it over itself with a spatula. Scramble lightly for around one minute or until it is almost well cooked. Remove the egg omelet with the spatula and drain it on kitchen paper. Set aside.

Get the remaining cooking oil for your pork fried rice and heat it in the hot wok, then add the ginger and onion, stir frying them for about thirty seconds. Put the sugar in and stir-fry for another thirty seconds before adding the strips of pork and stir-fry for around the same length of time.

Stir in the hoisin sauce, vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil into the mixture and cook for around one minute, stirring constantly. Toss the cooked rice and egg omelet in and continue stir-frying for another one minute, using your spatula to break the egg into small pieces. When your pork fried rice is almost done, add the spring onions in, cooking for another thirty seconds more, or until the rice has been fried enough and all the ingredients combined thoroughly. Transfer the pork fried rice into a plate and serve.

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