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How to Cook Fried Rice

Frying rice is a perfect example of fast cooking that has influenced dishes all over the world. Many people want to find out how to cook fried rice, as it is a simple dish yet so tasty and delicious. It is a diverse dish that perfectly complements other dishes, which can likewise be served as a main course. In Chinese cooking, the fried rice is used as penultimate dish. In the United States, this simple dish is a great and flavorful method of using leftover rice. Aside from the US, healthy fried rice recipes are popular in Western Africa, United Kingdom and a majority of countries around the planet.

The key ingredient with knowing how to cook rice successfully is the type of rice itself. The best variety to use is the long grain rice because it has low amylase content, which makes it stick less with each other compared to short or medium grain rice. For a healthy fried rice recipe, you could use long grain brown rice, which has a chewier and denser consistency and produces a nutty flavor. For an aromatic dish, you may use Basmati or Jasmine rice.

No matter what kind of rice you use though, always cook the rice first and let it sit in your refrigerator from two to three days. This will allow the rice to dry out thoroughly and prevent your fried rice from getting sticky and soggy. If you do not have the time to wait for three days, you can cook the rice and then spread it out on a baking sheet before freezing it for 25 to 30 minutes. This process will reproduce the effect of having older rice. There will be a slight difference in texture but the rice would be drier and would yield better result than freshly cooked rice.

A tip on how to cook fried rice: Make sure that the wok or frying pan is very hot, so that the soy sauce will give flavor to your dish instead of making it soggy. In addition, adding a layer of oil to the pan will make it non-sticky.

Here is how to make fried rice simply and easily. You need to have four cups of rice, one finely chopped green onion, two tablespoon soy or oyster sauce, two eggs and four tablespoon of cooking oil. To taste, use pepper and salt. Beat the eggs with a bit of pepper and salt. Get half of the cooking oil and heat it in the frying pan before adding the eggs. Cook the eggs while stirring constantly to scramble them. When they are almost done, take the eggs from the wok and wipe the pan clean with kitchen towels.

The next step on how to cook fried rice is to put the rest of the oil in the still hot pan and stir fry the rice for several minutes. Separate them by using chopsticks or wooden spoon. Add the soy or oyster sauce before mixing the eggs with the rice. Stir thoroughly and add the green onion. Adjust the taste with seasonings and serve while hot. This is how to cook fried rice simply and deliciously.

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