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Simple Tips to Cook Rice in Your Microwave

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Simple Tips to Cook Rice in Your Microwave

Rice goes great with all sorts of dishes, including a variety of different Asian, South-of-the-Border, and American meals. Additionally, rice is a fairly inexpensive source of fiber, nutrients, and whole grains and whole-grain rice can be a great part of any diet.

Really, the only problem serving rice for dinner is that whole-grain rice can take a long time to cook on the stove. Cooking some types of rice can be tricky, and that is especially true if you lack the money or storage space for an expensive rice cooker. Luckily for you, you can speed up the process if you know how to cook rice in the microwave.

The biggest problem with cooking rice in the microwave is that microwaves are not standardized. Inexpensive microwaves are fine, but they do not have a lot of power, so it takes longer to cook rice. Good microwaves may have more settings, but that might give you higher-temperature cooking than the instructions you have.


If you are going to microwave a new type of rice for the first time, you may have to do it in stages to get the cooking time exactly right. Typically, rice takes about a quarter of the time to cook in the microwave as it does on the stove top. If the normal instructions tell you that your rice has to cook for 50 minutes, for example, you could assume that your microwave will do the job in about 12 to 13 minutes, but you can’t count on this rule of thumb at all times.

1. Dish Selection.  Put the rice in a dish that you can close with a loose cover or a cover with a vent. You can purchase microwave rice cooking dishes that are perfect, and they usually are not very expensive, but this is not a requirement

    If needed, you can even use any microwave-safe bowl and put a plate over the top of it. The cover helps to trap the steam, but you still need to leave a vent so you don’t have a messy explosion. If you use a plate, arrange it with a small opening on one side. If your bowl can be sealed, don’t seal it but just put it loosely on the top

2. Water. Your bowl needs to be large enough for the rice and the water. Typically, you add twice as much rice as water, but I have found that you should add more water for microwave cooking. If you add a cup of rice, try adding about a cup and a half of water to begin.Microwave Rice

3. Cook 5. Now place your covered bowl in the microwave and set the timer to five minutes. This won’t be long enough, but it will get things started.

4. Stir. After the timer dings, take the cover off, give your rice and water a stir, and make sure you still have plenty of water in the bowl.

5. Water. Your rice is surely not cooked yetso you need to add another cup of water if you don’t see any liquid left.

6. Wait 5. Now replace the lid loosely and set your timer for another five minutes. After the timer dings this second time, your rice should be getting close to done.

7. Stir. Give your rice another stir to check the water and test the texture.

8. Wait  2. If it seems to have absorbed the water and be very close to done, you might want to reduce the time on the timer to only about two minutes. If not, you will want to give it five more minutes for your third try.

9. Repeat step 8 as necessary. Again, if the water is almost gone, add a little more. You do not want to run out of water before your rice is done, or you will create a sticky and hard mess that is hard to clean and nobody wants to eat.

Rice   By the third try, your rice should be approaching puffy perfection. Why not get a spoon, cool off a few grains, and give them a taste test? If they are done, you now should have your timing and water level down perfectly for the next time.whitericeTips on How To Cook Pasta In Microwaverice

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