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The Most Common Types of Rice

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riceRice is the staple diet for half of the world’s population. Based on studies, almost 20% of the caloric consumption of humans is derived from rice. Across the globe, you will discover find thousands of types of rice; each of them has varying characteristics and ideal locations to grow in. While most varieties are grown in the rice fields, some of them can also be cultivated like a normal crop. One of the best ways to do so is by submerging it into water to keep weeds and rodents at bay.

Rice Varieties
According to crop experts, there are roughly 40,000 types of rice known to man. Therefore, the ways on how to cook rice vary as well. Basically, these astounding varieties are grouped into three different categories: namely, long grain, medium grain, and short grain. To help you understand the most common rice species further, here is a list with a brief description on each:


whiterice21. White Rice –Probably the most common rice type is white rice. For the sake of people who don’t know, white rice is a general term for processed rice, a variety that resulted from the process of removing rice husk, bran, and germ and then leaving the white endosperm behind. Most manufacturers polish the grains of white rice in order to enhance its appearance; however, this process also strips off some of the vital nutrients that the rice naturally has. In stores, white rice is available in all of the three categories mentioned above.



2. Brown Rice –In terms of outer form, this rice variety is very much similar to white rice. However, there is only one noticeable difference – the color of the grain. This is mainly because during the manufacturing process, brown rice is not milled or milled minimally so as to keep the germ and bran of the grain intact. To simply put, only the outermost layer is removed. As for the advantages, brown rice is considered more nutritious and better tasting than white rice. However, it may require longer cooking time and spoil faster due to the presence of fats in the germ of the grain.


3.jasminrice Jasmin Rice – Among other types of rice, this one got the most popularity in the United States; thanks to the delectable taste and aroma of jasmine rice, hence the nickname “fragrant rice”. This rice specie is also renowned for having long grains that stick together when cooked; thus, it makes an ideal alternative for cooking rice dishes.



4. Arborio Rice –This rice type is mainly bred at Arborio, Italy; hence the name Arborio rice. If you are an avid risotto fan, then this rice is your best choice. When cooked, it becomes creamy and fluffy to eat; thanks to its ability to absorb lots of water.



5. Basmati Rice –While it looks a lot like jasmine rice, you might want to know that basmati rice is entirely a different breed of rice. In contrast, its grains do not bond together and do not have a fragrant aroma. However, in terms of texture, they look fine and fluffy, but separated.



6. Wild Rice –This rice breed is hailed as one of the priciest types, with the laborious process of harvesting to blame. But despite of its hefty price, it gives an awesome flavor, with a hint of nuttiness on the side. But just like brown rice, it needs a lengthy time for cooking; however, avid foodies believe that once cooked, all the efforts are well worth it.

As mentioned above, the types of rice come in staggering number. But currently, these are the species that are considered favorites among many rice eaters. If you’re looking to cook scrumptious rice dishes, picking one from these rice varieties is strongly advised.

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